Pollution has become a major concern nowadays and the least we should know is about the environment in which we are living. Therefore we are presenting you our new app The AQI, using this app you can know about a lot of stuff about your locality like the air quality index, temperature and also the amount of individual pollutant present in your atmosphere, and it will also show you the last updated in which you’ll see that when was the information was last fetched from the server, not only this but you can also read the news regarding the environment and health. Once you go to the news section, you’ll see the news with a topic, an image, and a short description. Now if you want to read the news in detail, you can do it by just tapping on the news article and the app will itself open a webpage in your default browser and there you can see that particular news article with full detail and description. The app also supports multilanguage means it lets you choose between the languages you are most comfortable in i.e. English or Hindi. Even when you are offline, you can still view all the loaded information as well as news and once you come online we’ll fetch you the latest information/news, all you have to do is pull to refresh. Thus the app also works in offline mode.

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