Getting started with Eclipse for Java in Windows


  1. Install latest version of JDK.
  2. Go to c:>Program Files>java>jdk>bin and copy its path from explorer address bar.
  3. Go to System properties, click environment variables in advanced tab.
  4. In system variables list select variable Path and click edit, in variable value paste the path followed by ; .
  5. Download Eclipse Java from its official site for ex:- Luna version.
  6. Extract it and run eclipse.exe .
  7. At start up it asks for workspace directory.wrkspc_lnchr
  8. After selection of workspace directory main window of IDE appears. From the top left select File and go to New>Java Project. New Java Project window appears.newjava_prjct
  9. Configure it according to need. And click Finish.
  10. Right click on the project and go to New>Package.
  11. Give name to the package and click Finish.
  12. Right click on the package and go to New>Class. Then New Java Class window appears. newjava_class
  13. Configure it according to need and click Finish.
  14. Now Eclipse is ready to run Java Program.  ec_code  ec_output

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